June 21, 2024
Man with a can of Spam crashed on his head, shaking his fist.

TL;DR – I removed my contact form to avoid robo-form spam. Just email me at mike@bangormike.com.

Folks, we live in a world of convenience. Online forms? Fantastic. Ordering pizza with emojis? Sure, why not. But somewhere in this tech utopia, a dark underbelly festers: SPAM BOTS. Yes, those robotic pests who invade your inbox, your social media, and apparently, your quaint little personal blog about, oh, I don’t know, your love for artisanal sock puppets.

A Parade of Spam

So, imagine my surprise as a lover of all things decent and fluffy, started getting inundated with messages through my website’s contact form. Not heartfelt comments about my sock marionette Hamlet, mind you. No, it was a digital symphony of “LEADS GUARANTEED!”, “BUSINESS GROWTH HACKS!”, and worst of all, “HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS AMAZING ANTI-SPAM SERVICE THAT TOTALLY WON’T SPAM YOU?”

Enough Was Enough

It’s like a scene from Inception, where spam dreams spawn within spam dreams, all culminating in a robotic chorus chanting, “Buy our anti-spam software! We totally promise not to spam you with anti-spam software!” It’s enough to make a man want to take up interpretive sock puppetry full-time.

But, friends, I refused to let these digital locusts devour my digital haven. So, I did what any self-respecting sock puppet enthusiast would do: I nuked the contact form. Boom. Gone. Poof. Like a rogue puppet string severed by the righteous wrath of Hamlet.

Now, you might think, “Mike, that’s a bit drastic, isn’t it?” To that, I say, “Have you met a spam bot?” These things are more persistent than a Kardashian at a Met Gala. They’ll crawl through your website’s back-end like a spider with a marketing degree, spinning webs of deceit and unsolicited “opportunities.”

Look, I get it. Contact forms are useful. But at what cost? Do we sacrifice our digital serenity for the sake of a few stray emails from actual humans? Do we let the bots win? I say, HELL NO! We reclaim our inboxes, our websites, our very souls from the clutches of these robotic solicitors!

So, the next time you consider adding a contact form, ask yourself: is it worth the inevitable spam avalanche? Or will you follow my righteous path and embrace the glorious, form-free future? The choice, my friends, is yours. But remember, with great website power comes great spam-fighting responsibility.