June 21, 2024

Advocacy Resources

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Dignity First
Headquartered in Bangor, Maine, this organization is dedicated to advocating for housing policies that help individuals and families facing homelessness. Through years of research and planning, they have developed a mission to create a village of permanent supportive housing that fosters community and restores hope, family, and love.

Housing Justice Maine
“We believe housing is a human right and we seek to empower those  residents most deeply impacted by an oppressive housing system.”

Maine Equal Justice
“We envision a world where there are enough homes, enough support for families to afford them, and where tenant rights are respected and protected. In the Maine Legislature or in Washington, D.C., we champion solutions that put homes in reach for more Maine families and individuals.”

Penobscot County Cares
The mission of PCC is to address three chronic, worsening crises:

  1. Lack of affordable housing
  2. Inadequate substance use disorder treatment
  3. Insufficient care for individuals suffering from mental health/brain disorders.

Substance Use Disorder

Bangor Area Recovery Network
Located in Brewer and serves the greater Bangor area. “Our Mission: To provide peer-based services, education, outreach, and advocacy. We offer a safe haven for those seeking recovery, their loved ones, and our communities.”

Drug Policy Alliance
“At the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), we fight for people. We believe that every person should be able to work, parent, be housed, have a community, experience joy, and live freely regardless of drug use.”

Maine Association of Recovery Residences
“We believe all people seeking recovery-based housing should have access to both a safe and accommodating residence where they can live a healthy and rewarding life. The primary mission of MARR is to promote this ethical and sustainable management of high-quality recovery residences throughout the State of Maine.”

Maine Recovery Advocacy Project
“ME-RAP is a grassroots network of people across our state working to redefine and reimagine justice, access, connection, and recovery in our state laws, county policies, municipal ordinances, schools, workplaces, and in our daily lives. ME-RAP is committed to giving people in recovery, people who use drugs, family members, and recovery allies the organizing tools to think and act locally.”

Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Health – Maine
“Through support, education, and advocacy NAMI Maine is dedicated to building better lives for the 1 in 4 Mainers who are affected by mental illness.”

Economic Justice, Equality, and Equity

Maine People’s Alliance
“Over the past three decades, MPA has worked to build a powerful statewide grassroots movement for progressive social change, serving as a leader in state campaigns for expanded health care access, toxics use reduction, affordable housing, universal home care, clean elections reform, racial justice, immigrant rights, a higher minimum wage and tax fairness, among others.”

Do you have a suggestion for this list?

There are so many great organizations out there doing good work and raise awareness and drive policy change. If you have a suggestion for an organization not on this list, please contact me.