July 21, 2024

AI Usage Disclosure

Bangor Mike as a Robot wearing "Deal With It" shades

Nothing you read on this website was decided by an artificial algorithm. For better or worse, all of this content was my idea. That being said, I do use AI as a tool at times, and I want to make sure I’m being fully transparent with you on how AI plays a part of what gets published on this website.


Some of the images you see on the website are generated with AI technology. It is my personal policy and pledge that I will only use it to generate images designed to draw attention to the content, and never for purposes of misleading. Images I generate are either cartoons or give the appearance of stock imagery, and must never attempt to lead readers into thinking the images represent real people who can be identified.

I believe strongly that Artists have rights when it comes to AI.

Artists have a right to be paid for their work. Many artists have complained that their work has been used to train AI models without their permission. If at any time an image I use appears to be duplicating an artist’s style to the point where it would be confused with works they’ve produced, I will not hesitate to take down the image upon request (or provide credit with a link to their online presence, should they choose the latter.) My contact information is here.

Text / Writing

All of the content you read on this website are my ideas, and the result of my thoughts and research.

I use AI to aid me in writing in two main ways:

  1. I make use of AI to improve the grammar and readability of articles from time to time. Particularly on longer articles. I do this by giving my rough draft to AI and asking it to revise my wording to improve the Flesch-Kincaid readability score. I then review the changes to ensure it affected grammar only and that my original message and concept is intact.
  2. The other method I occasionally employ is by dictating into a microphone. I express all of my thoughts on a particular issue or subject and then have a transcript created from my words. I then take that transcript and ask AI to summarize it, and create a frame work for a blog article based on what I’ve said. I then take that framework and add additional information I previously left out, or I further summarize it where necessary.