June 21, 2024

The city of Bangor, Maine received $20,478,297 in State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

The city of Bangor has been earning interest on unspent funds. Per U.S. Treasury rules, that interest is not bound by the rules governing SLFRF spending. The City Council has publicly pledged to use the interest on ARPA related spending.

Date Allocated: Date the Council passed an order approving the allocation. You can click dates to see the official Bangor City Council actions and orders associated with each allocation.
Recipient: The organization receiving the funds.
Amount: Amount of the award
Project #: The number assigned when the project was reported by the city to the U.S. Treasury.

Date AllocatedRecipientAmountProject #1st Report
12/28/2022Fresh Start Sober Living$396,100.0023-0422023 Q2
12/28/2022Maine Discovery Museum$500,000.0023-0432023 Q4
12/28/2022Bangor Public Library$241,271.0023-0412023 Q2
12/28/2022Penquis$540,000.0023-0442023 Q2
7/10/2023Bangor Area Recovery Network$415,600.0023-2212023 Q4
7/24/2023Eastern Area Agency on Aging$67,000.0023-2342023 Q4
7/24/2023Grant Writer- City of Bangor$150,000.00***2023 Q4
8/14/2023Christine B Foundation$100,000.0023-2482023 Q4
8/14/2023Bangor Housing Development Corporation$2,000,000.0023-2492023 Q4
8/14/2023Food AND Medicine$75,000.00Unreported
8/14/2023Bangor Symphony Orchestra$40,000.0023-2512023 Q4
8/14/2023Habitat for Humanity Greater Bangor$1,000,000.0023-2522023 Q4
8/14/2023Maine Multicultural Center$70,700.0023-2532023 Q4
8/14/2023Bangor Schools (School Health Clinics)$500,000.0023-2472023 Q4
8/28/2023Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid Maine$130,000.0023-2652023 Q4
8/28/2023Together Place Peer Recovery Center$154,765.0023-2622023 Q4
9/11/2023Fresh Start Sober Living$500,000.0023-3732023 Q4
9/11/2023Literacy Volunteers of Bangor$50,000.0023-2742023 Q4
9/11/2023Penobscot Community Health Center$2,484,880.0023-2752023 Q4
9/25/2023Food AND Medicine$261,342.00Unreported
9/25/2023Together Place Housing$375,000.00Unreported
9/25/2023St. Andre Home$50,000.0023-3002023 Q4
9/25/2023Penquis CAP$1,500,000.0023-3012023 Q4
10/11/2023Bangor Children’s Home$350,748.00Unreported
10/11/2023Bangor YMCA$2,000,000.0023-3172023 Q4
10/11/2023Heart of Maine United Way$400,000.00Unreported
10/11/2023Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness$648,000.00Unreported
10/23/2023Health Equity Alliance$694,700.0023-3322023 Q4
10/23/2023City of Bangor$400,000.00****2023 Q4
1/8/2024City of Bangor$250,000.00Unreported
1/22/2024Bangor Nursing & Rehabilitation$50,000.00Unreported
1/22/2024Shaw House$550,000.00Unreported
Earmarked through Workshops, No Council Order
Housing Position – City of Bangor$350,000.00***2023 Q4
Homelessness Position – City of Bangor$350,000.00***2023 Q4
ARPA Award for Bangor, Maine$20,478,297.00
Interest Earned as of 1/31/2024$762,087.82
Total ARPA-related Funds$21,240,384.82
Total Left for Allocation$3,373,738.82
* Earned interest is part of this allocation.
** Adjusted from previous amount awarded on 10/23/23 of $441,540.00
*** No project number, reported collectively as “Government Services” and using revenue replacement.