July 21, 2024
2019 Bangor Maine Pride Parade

One of the best times I’ve had in downtown Bangor, Maine is the annual Pride parade & festival. The food, the music, the people… and of course the fun!

I had the honor of marching in the parade in 2019 as an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. When we made the turn onto Main Street the parade was greeted with an absolute crush of people packing the sides of the road. I hope that the sea of rainbow and other inclusivity flags all the way up the city’s downtown artery sent a clear message to our LGBTQ+ family and friends that we see you, love you, and are glad you’re a part of Bangor.

Covid shook things up globally, and Bangor Pride was not immune. Festivities were canceled completely in 2020. In 2021 the organizers got creative and created a “stationary parade”. Instead of groups and organizations marching by the people, the people stayed in their cars and drove past all of the participants while honking and waving.

This year is completely back to normal. The full parade will be happening. Local businesses and organizations will once again be able to greet festival goers face-to-face. The music is back! The food is back! Most importantly… all of us are back. I once again have the honor of marching in the Bangor Pride Parade as an ally. I can’t wait to hear all the people and see the colors of love once again.